What’s this here?

This is the Clumsycorn online presence. Clumsycorns are clumsy but lovable unipigs. Unipigs? Yes unipigs. Strange things happen in nature… on this website you can learn more about Clumsycorns, participate in our raffle, design your own funny unipig and also see funny Clumsycorn videos soon. It will be exciting, soit’s worth comming back.

How does a Clumsycorn come alive?

All Clumsycorns on this website in search for a new owner are something very special. We don’t produce goods in bulk, but strive for quality. Every design is conceptualized on paper first and then digitally created with specialized software. Finally it’s getting 3D-printed in color using the latest 3D printing technology available. Color and material is brought into the real world layer by layer; almost like Beaming. After that every model is hardened and gets a special coating against UV radiation. Finally it is getting wrapped and shipped to its new, happy owner.

Can I get larger Clumsycorns?

Normally our desktop-miniatures are not taller than 4.5cm (1.7 inches). But of course it is possible to create existing designs in a larger scale. If you are interested in it, please write us a mail via the contact form.

May I order other animals than unipigs?

We also offer our services for your personal design-ideas. If you always wanted to let your own figure come to live, just send us your design-idea with information about size and material, and we will send you an answer about the cost for the digital creation and the 3D-printing as soon as possible. The contact form can also be used for this idea.